10 Advices on painting your house

After talking about the meaning of the color, now let’s move to the painting. There are 10 things you must remember before paint your wall.

10 Advices on painting your house
10 Advices on painting your house

  1. Choose the right paint. A good paint must have adhesive power, water resist, and easy to clean.
  2. Use the good paint tools. Good brush and roll would give a soft layer of paint and don’t leave any bristle. But tools are many. A strong, steady stair is also important for the painter’s safety.
  3. Repair the damage on the wall first. Make sure the surface is dry and dustless.
  4. Cover things you don’t want to paint in the room. This will save your time and you can paint faster without leaving spots.
  5. Do paint during a good day. Follow the rules written on the paint can about the maximum and minimum temperature and humidity level.
  6. Don’t do second painting before the first one is really dry. Because, it simply can make the paint melts down.
  7. If the surface is mossy or moldy, scrape it off. Clean it with high pressure water and let it dry. Cover with a sealer before you paint.
  8. Don’t use putty for exterior or interior wall for it can decrease the adhesive power of the wall. At least, use it in small quantity if necessary. Place the putty between two sealer layers.
  9. Do paint in day. Start from near the window to the inside of the room. If you want to paint the whole room, start from the plafond to the wall near window frame, doors, then the below part.
  10. Let the paint dry in its can before you throw it to the garbage.

And last but not least, anticipate who has some allergy of paint’s smell in your family. If any, before do all that painting, prepare a room, which has a circulation of fresh air inside. So he, she, or you, can be evacuated from the polluted rooms for days.

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