10 Do-Nots in Organizing House

Organizing house can be so hard. Or otherwise, it can be so easy. Sometimes we’re confused in placing stuffs, matching wall paint color, or organizing lighting. But don’t worry, we can make it all stay simple. Below are ten interdictions that you have to remember in organizing house.

  1. Put the art work more than normal view average. Don’t do that. Just put and arrange it about 150 cm above the floor.
  2. Use too small display. Don’t do that either. Adjust it with room scale or measure. Use 2/3 from wall width to be creative by putting paint or another art work. This guide also can be applied in organizing furniture.
  3. Put too many furniture in small room. You are required to adjust them with room measure. Use drawing paper and sample of furniture measure (you can buy it in book store at interior design counter) to estimate the furniture position you have. Move the furniture miniature on the drawing paper until you find the best organizing. Consider to move some furniture from wall and organize it in one room. This can create attractive furniture arrangement in that room.
  4. Get wrong in painting. Try first the paint color sample before you spend a lot of money and time to do this seriously. Many people are disappointed with the color they have chosen. So, buy one small can of paint. Start painting from the darkest side (near window) and brightest side (cross the window) with the measure 60 x 60 cm. Let it dry in two days and you will see the result. If you think you have chosen the right color, you can continue paint the rest.
  5. Put the display on table shelf and wall shelf like soldiers line. Avoid classifying the same kind stuff. Do not mix the measure and texture. This is the main key to organize the display well. Create some variation.
  6. Use table lamp in small measure. Of course this is not good. Use the lamp with 70-80 cm in height for table lamp. Basically, the height of lamp depends on the design, but the measure can be used as your guide.
  7. Match the material and color that you will use in global organizing. Start to organize some things you can use as inspiration. For example, sofa material, carpet, wallpaper, bedroom accessories, etc that has your favorite color combination and make you possible in creating it all.
  8. Add your family favorite stuff and paint to show your own self. Display your family favorite stuff around the house to show each hobby. Your house and personal room are better show each lifestyle and taste. Put family picture on the wall or table to give personal touch.
  9. Ignore the special architecture in your house. Do some renovation in organizing house by show your house’s character. Every house must have something unique. You can find it in the window corner, beautiful floor, amazing wall texture, etc. Use that shape to give character to your house.
  10. Be afraid of experiment. Letting the house still “intact” without good organizing just can make you disappointed. And boring.

Hopefully, what I said here can make your house be more organized and fun.

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