4 Ideas to Survive Economically just from Home

Having own house is something exciting, bring a happiness. But it’s also stressing at the same time. The installment payment, for instance. This could take almost all of your salary, or your monthly income if you work at home.

Clearly, you need for another income. I’m not talking about get the job in 2-3 shifts a day. No. But, think about these ideas:

1. Rent some part of your house

If you have extra, unused room, do this. By renting it, you will get more money to pay the installment. Just make sure that your plan does not break the law, because there is some location that does not allow property rental. Also, ensure that you are ready to be a landlady, because this is going to need a lot of tricks too.

I think, in the first step, it would be better if you rent your room to someone you know well. To your own family? Why not? I know it is not the best way to collect the bucks, but at least, it can help you grow your income in safe way.

2. Rent the storehouse or garage

Many people have a car, but sometimes, they don’t have a garage in their house. You can rent your unused storehouse or garage to your neighbor so they can park their car or other loads. You just need to communicate and do some little marketing effort and it would be passive income to you.

But I would suggest you to prepare the safe padlocks and keys for your own good. And to minimize the risk even more, you may apply some insurance to back up this “business”. So, when something worst happens, you won’t have to take to total loss.

3. Live up your kitchen

One common way to increase your income is cooking and sell it. If you love cooking, you can offer your cook to the neighbor of family. As the beginning, you may receive the order in small number. If you do not have time to deliver the offering, you can ask the buyer to take it from your house.

How to get a buyer? Many paths, folks. Put some advertisement in local newspaper or bulletin. You may use Internet as well to promote your products. You have to choice: (1) Hire a professional, or (2) learn how to copywrite good by yourself.

4. Gardening a bit more serious

Having empty terrain can annoy you. It needs treatment and it can spend your money. So, why don’t you make use of it, instead? You can maintain the garden and sell some high valuable plants. Choose the plant that does not need much time to grow. Maybe three months is fair enough. But of course to be a good gardener you must learn much about gardening and plant.

Or, if you have an empty garden but you do not want to maintain it, rent it to those who are professional in gardening. The payment system is various. You can try profit sharing system from harvest selling with sharing portion according to the agreement. But if you want a routine income, you can determine the amount of payment every month to them.

That’s it….

Paying installment needs your initiative and creativity. You also need to live economically without being stingy. Economical living I mean is prioritizing the most important thing such as paying credit or installment payment. Because if you don’t pay this, you lose your beloved house. Easy as that.

So, let’s survive! 🙂

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