5 Innovations in Home Security

The postulate says, we always need our home to be secured. That’s why, the home security has been a growing industry for decades. Let’s take a look how men do innovations to keep the intruders out of their house.

Men do innovations to keep the intruders out of their house

(1) Locks

Simple old door locksMy grandfather told me that in his age, people relied on a rope with a fancy knot to secure the house. And when the intruders got smarter, he used wooden bar. It’s simple, the bar would block the door.

The innovation didn’t stop there. The smart ones then developed more sophisticated mechanical devices, like padlocks and pin tumbler locks. The pin tumbler lock introduced a key into the equation.

(2) Security Systems

Security systemsOnce upon a time, people tied cans to a string in front of their property. The plan was, it would sound very noisy when the door was opened. The method was so effective, until someone figured out how easy this security system to remove.

People tried to be more creative. They tied some wires to the local police station’s alarm panel through the telephone lines. This system was then upgraded and became the norm in households everywhere. Today, wireless security systems are popular, easy to install and don’t rely on a hard-wired phone line. Thanks to the Internet.

(3) Security Cameras

Security camerasOriginally, what we call security cameras were just surveillance systems. Those were cameras attached to a precious building. The security staffs monitor them from time to time. They were mainly used by the cops to monitor public locations. It helps to control crime, be for prevention or investigation.

Today, the Internet and wireless tools have reduced the cost of materials and installation. Gradually, the home security camera systems are no longer considered as a luxury. Even the camera with the ability to capture images in low light or dark can be found everywhere.

(4) Motion Detectors

Motion detectorsWhen people were more advance, they created motion detectors connected with the alarm system hardware. It relied on sound waves to detect changes in an environment. But alas, it also means that regular household sounds like the swishing of a dishwasher can cause a lot of false alarms.

Forget about ultrasound! We then use the infrared technology, which today is most commonly found in motion detector floodlights. Motion detectors detect the presence of body heat and see the burglars (or stranger) as a bright spotlight.

(5) Electronic Entry

Electronic EntryThe biometrics technology allow us to scan the retina, fingerprints, human voices, et cetera. It’s a great choice for VVIP or governmental secret protection. But for most of us, digital door locks offer a more reasonable home security option. It’s practical too. You can open them by typing the numbers on a keypad, an electronic key, or a remote.

For more security reason, some people set a booby trap there. However, think twice if you come up with the same idea. The booby traps are illegal! If a criminal is injured or killed by that trap, you’ll likely be charged.

All right, those are the five top innovation of home security system. Of course, innovation is a living word. What once was considered as innovative can be a merely commodity in today’s life. But you still use the old locks in your house, don’t you?

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