7 Ideas to reuse plastic bottles

Every day at home, there are plastic bottles thrown away to bin. Look around you. Soft drink bottle, milk bottle, mineral water bottle, isotonic drinks bottle, et cetera. Sometimes, their condition are still good. What a waste! I’m not inviting you to reuse those plastic bottles as a cup of your drinking water once more. Because it could be bad for health.

But, we can always reuse them for different purpose. To improve our creativity. To lessen the burden of mother earth. Here I’d like to share you some brilliant ideas I compiled from anywhere.

1. Decoration from plastic bottles

Decoration from plastic bottles Decoration from plastic bottles Decoration from plastic bottles

Yes, by cutting the bottom of the bottle and putting it back together with strings, you can create something that beautifies your garden, bedroom or living room. Better yet if you know simple electronic circuit, because you can also add a flickering LED so the decor is even more gorgeous in the dark.

2. Safe box from plastic bottle

Safe box from plastic bottle Safe box from plastic bottle Safe box from plastic bottle

Designed by Zitta Schnitt. By combining two pieces of two bottles’s bottom, a zipper, and a sheet of pad, abracadabra, your unused bottles becomes a new cute product. The box has value of function and aesthetic as well.

3. Broom from plastic bottles

Broom from plastic bottles

With a little effort and creativity, you don’t need to spend a penny to buy a broom anymore. You just need a plastic bottle, scissor or cutter, and a wooden for the broom’s handle. How come? Look at the picture above, I believe you know what to do.

4. Pot from plastic bottle

Pot from plastic bottle

It’s a creative idea for you who like gardening but don’t have a large garden. You’ll need some plant pots. You know, the ideal location for most plants is the one that gets enough sunlight. So, optimize sunlight for your plants by making use of transparent pots. But to minimize any leakage in this thin pots, double the (plastic) layers of each pot.

5. Candle holder from plastic bottles

Candle holder from plastic bottle

You can do this with jars too. This creation might seem easy to make. But that doesn’t mean it’s ugly. So let’s create it. First, crop the top of two bottles, then merge into one. Make sure the plastic bottles you use are not too light or thin, so that the candle doesn’t easily fall.

Candle holder from plastic bottle

Of course, you can also anticipate the lightness of plastic material by filling it with sand and river stones as a ballast. And voila, it’s an aromatherapy candle holder you’ve made!

6. Screw cap from bottle for plastic bag

Screw cap from bottle for plastic bag

Don’t know how to seal a plastic bag of beans? You can use the old knot or rubber bracelet. But, hey, why don’t try a new method? Seal your plastic bag with a bottle cap!

7. Room partition from plastic bottles

Room partition from plastic bottles

Did you know, you can assemble plastic bottles to create a room partitions. If you compose them tight enough, they are quite effective in dampening the noise from outside. What do you need to make such partition? Just the top and down buffers for the bottles constellation, a number of bottles in the same size, string, glue, and creativity.

Have a try!

In the end, maybe your work is not as good as in the photos above. That’s no big deal. Most importantly, the function and aesthetics of the creation are able to make you feel satisfied and more excited to stay at home.

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