7 Rules Making A Swimming Pool

Indoor swimming pool
Indoor swimming pool

Swimming is an interesting leisure activity. Children love it. Teens love it. Adult loves it. I love it! Even more, some people consider swimming as their main exercise. So, if you have a little unused space, why don’t you build the dreaming swimming pool in your house? Be it’s indoor or outdoor, here are the rules:

  1. Make the side floor of swimming pool with wood or natural stone. Make a tidy stepping stone and join with the house. That floor has to be anti-slip for your safety and comfort.
  2. Outdoor swimming pool
    Outdoor swimming pool

    Give a natural touch by some plants, such as coconut tree. It’s worth aesthetically (to give a beach ambiance, for instance) and functionally (as a shelter) as well.

  3. Try to make the height level of pool no more than floor or pool deck for safety of the user. Unless you want to make the steps to climb up to the pool.
  4. Don’t apply the sharp edges. The edges should be rounded at the corner. This is also for safety and to facilitate you during the pool cleansing.
  5. Remember, the depth of adult swimming pool is between 1.4 to 3 meters. While the depth of children swimming pool is not more than 1.5 meter.
  6. Give the anti-slip pool floor. Natural stone with the rude sharp is a good choice. Use the bright and green texture so it will be shown in the pool. Or you can use the mosaic ceramic.
  7. Pool water with good circulation can support comfort in swimming pool. Or, use the overflow system. Especially if it gives the sound of water flowing.

This is just a basic rule to build the swimming pool. You can modify it adjusting your need and taste. Afterall, what is troublesome for me is how we maintain the pool. The requirement of a lot of water is one of the common anticipations. But you’ll have fun a lot too with your family, I guarantee.

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