7 Things Before You Build House

Build a House
Build a House

As a new couple, of course we want to have our own house. And it would be so proud if we don’t just buy it, but also build it. We create the design so we can have a house of our dream. We all need house, sure, as a place to stay and share with our family. No wonder if rice field or unfilled ground nowadays has changed into house building.

My friends gave us some advices about building a house. I also searched for such things in the Internet, property magazine, etc. If you have a plan to build a house too, read on:

1. Location

It would be better if the house is located near a public area, such as office, market or shopping center, school, house of worship, square, sport center, bank, or hospital. We also shall know whether there is a public transportation or not, because we cannot always depend on our own vehicle to reach somewhere.

How about the road condition? If it is bad, then you have two choices: look for another area to build a house or ask the government to repair it. But for the last one, let’s not dream on too deep.

For your information, having a house near highway is beneficial. People can easily find our house and public transportation passes your house every hour, or even every second. But you have to be accustomed with the noise.

2. Society Situation

We cannot live alone. That is so inhuman. Hence, we must have a good relation with the neighbor. New society means new culture. Observe the society situation around your house because it will seem so strange sometime. Know their occupation, religion, ethnic and culture will help us in understanding their life and custom.

3. Land Typography and Water Source

Make sure what will happen in dry and rainy season (or other seasons if you don’t live in tropical country like us). Is it always dried up in dry season or big flood in rainy season? Trash also can be a big problem if you don’t care of it. It seems like piece of cake. But I’m sure you don’t want to live in the environment where the trash is piled high and causes bad smell.

4. Document

When you buy a property land to build a house, make sure the document is complete. It’s better if you use qualified notary in this trade. Nowadays, there are many cases about double certification in a house. It can confuse you in the future if you avoid take care of it immediately.

5. House Style

Your personality and lifestyle will unconsciously influence the house style you plan. Is it classic, minimalist, tropical, or post-modernism? I suggest you to search for the house style in architecture magazines as your inspiration to create your style. If you have decided, consult it to the architect. He will help you realizing style you want. Or, if you haven’t made any decision, an architect is competent to give solution.

6. House Blueprint

It’s you who know the rooms you need. So, try to create a blueprint of your house. If you think you do not have any ability to draw a blueprint, no one can help you except the architect.

7. Cost

Of course it is very important too. We should think about the cost of building house however. Don’t have any doubt to spend your money. But, do not spend too much too. Make sure that your house is built with high quality material. Make a budget and prepare for unexpected fee.

If you like some things to say about the things before building house, please share with me. Believe me, it will be so useful for everyone.

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