A Comfort Home Design

Comfort house
A comfort house

All of us love a comfort home. But only some people can realize that dream. Some rooms even aren’t used as its function. For example, guess bedroom becomes storehouse. How mess is that? But also, how common is that 🙂

You know, to have a comfort home we can’t just well organize it. Design also has important role to create comfort ambiance. It means, before building a house, we’re better designing it. And to do that, we have some particular points to consider. Let me give you ideas:

Enough Heights of Room
The room’s height determines the lighting in it. A short room looks musty, especially when you turn off the light. In high rooms, you may install larger window so you can get much natural lights. But don’t forget to prepare a tall curtain, because sometimes the sun shines too bright. FYI, it’s not good for your eyes and the furniture.

Good Air Circulation
The installment of ventilation and window is able to effectively give enough fresh air to the room. Another suggestion, make an air circulation channel on the ceiling if it’s impossible for a room to have a ventilation.

A porch with green plants on the floor can make your house looks chilly, especially when you install the roof on it that can protect porch from too much sunlight. Porch is also capable of decrease the sun radiation that enters directly into your house. That way, you won’t feel hot inside our house.

Color Application
The right color application between dark and bright, based on the room function, will give such comfort zone. Some room needs clearness and color distinction on certain height. For instance, bathroom wall’s color will be darker than the floor until 145 cm height. The rest up until the ceiling will stay brighter.

Nature Stone Ornament
Nature stone can absorb heat maximally and keep the chill stays longer. It can be found in traditional constructions which are generally built from natural material.

Simple things but matter. Don’t let yourself build a house without think about those trivia. A comfort house does always begin with a good design.

[photo from Zastavki.com]

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