A Garden on the Roof

Make your roof green
Make your roof green

Not because your backyard isn’t big enough, you can ignore the idea to greening your house. Many solutions about that. One of them is creating the roof garden. The building next to mine has a garden on the rooftop. It looks cool.

To create such garden, we can use some tropical plants. But, the cost would be expensive because the installment technique and the field are imported. It includes construction of supporting garden structure with maintain system. The roof structure needs its own reinforcing to build a garden on it.

Another thing to think is drainage system of splash water or rain. This can cause leaky roof due to wrong drainage. A solution for this problem is making a certain slope to the concrete roof so the water will flow to the banishment channel.

It’s better to choose the land with light masse or use the instant field to avoid the heavy weight of the roof. Choose the light plants such as grass, unflowered plant or underbrush. Try to choose the plant that is sunlight-resistance and doesn’t need much water.

Then, notice these phases to build a garden roof above your house:

  1. Make sure the concrete roof in a good condition. Make sure it’s ready to hold the load like soil, gravels, sand and water.
  2. Add water-proofing layer on the floor of the roof. This is important to avoid leaky concrete roof.
  3. Arrange the bricks with certain distance based on the design and the form you want. It will keep the water flow into the banishment channel.
  4. Set the sub base made from mix of stones and palm fiber with two inch in thickness. This can filter the soil so it won’t enter the banishment channel. Then this sub base is covered with the sand to help drainage system.
  5. Add the mix of red soil and compos with 7-10 cm thickness, surveyed by the kind of plant that you’ll plant.

It’s not easy to build roof garden. But it’s very useful to our house. Besides giving fresh air, roof garden also doesn’t take many places. It is stunning, after all.

photo from Marigreen.cz

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