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Rattan partition
Exotic rattan partition, it's only 1,950,000 IDR (about 216 USD).

If you have a large room with many functions, maybe you need something to separate it based on the activities. For instance, kitchen and dining room, or dining room and living room. In this case, you don’t have to build a wall to give a separation. Look at me, I’ve just bought a partition and I will use it for a large room with some parts in it.

Partition is flexible. It’s movable, easy to set and lose based on your necessity. You can open and close it whenever you need. The partition itself had been used in Indonesian traditional house as the shelter of something that needs to be hid from public. Yet, partition has many functions with the design that can be adapted with your home interior.

Besides as a room divider, the other advantages of partition are:

  1. A unique partition design can be placed as room accessory. You can put it not only in the center of the room, but also in the corner or stick to the wall.
  2. A partition with not too high design and made from certain material won’t give a tight looks. The room will still look wide although it has some parts in it.

Partition is made from many kinds of material. But the most important when you want to buy this thing are its shape, color, dimension and character. It has to be suitable with your home interior design.

The general measure for one partition panel is 50 cm in length and 180-210 cm in height. The most sold partition has three panels with right and left side that can be opened while the center part as divider. With this measure, the three panels partition suits to divide the room which has 300 cm in width. If you have a larger room, you can use more than three panels.

Well, whatever your choice, I hope partition can give a different look in your house.

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