Aerotel Airport Transit Hotel, Practical Choice to Stay in Singapore

In Changi International Airport, there is a three star hotel you don’t want to miss: Aerotel Singapore. The name is from the words “aero” and “hotel”. I bet you know that “aero” is something to do with aviation, airport, or air. So, that’s the meaning. A hotel inside the airport.

Aerotel Singapore Airport Transit Hotel

If you are familiar enough with Singapore Changi Airport, you would find the hotel easily. Operated by Hong Kong’s Plaza Premium Group, Aerotel Singapore Hotel is located near Gate D41 of Departure, Terminal 1, on Level 3.

Aerotel Hotel has 70 rooms, which consist of Twin, Single, and Budget Single Room. Despite its status as a transit hotel, do not underestimate Aerotel. It has three stars for reasons. The services are 24 hours. There are an outdoor pool, sidebar pool, jacuzzi, bathrooms with power shower, fitness center, library, also free wi-fi in every room.

Wonderful sides of Aerotel Singapore

To stay in Aerotel hotel room is a practical solution while waiting for your next flight. Although Changi has enough sleeping chairs, it is far more comfortable to sleep on bed in hotel room to neutralize jet lag, read books, or kill times before your departure.

You will never get bored. In addition to hotel facilities, you can walk around and enjoy many, many attractions in Changi, the Best Airport 2015 in the World. You can shop anything, eat at the Food Street, relax at butterfly garden, enjoy art installations, cinema, performances, or simply use the excellent speed of Internet connection.

There are many interesting places around Changi as well. Come out of the airport and explore Singapore. Definitely, it would be more fun. More alternatives. But, if exploring Singapore is what you want, you might need to consider few more things before book Aerotel Singapore.

Not so wonderful sides of Aerotel Singapore

Tiny rooms. This is typical hotels within airports, I think. Usually, they prioritize space efficiency. The design and layout are simple. Interior and furniture are versatile. Your room might not as big as you imagined, and some facilities are even shared with other guests. My husband said, it’s smaller than his room in (two-starred) Ibis Bonn, Germany.

Noisy. Maybe due to the small space, sometimes from your room, you can hear the noises outside. The sound of slammed doors, staffs’ chit-chat, landing or taking off planes, and so on.

Expensive rates. Yes, as any other hotels in and near the airports, Aerotel Hotel’s rates are not cheap. Besides, instead of being charged per night, you would be charged hourly after 6 or 7 hours of stay.

It still very good and comfy hotel, though. Just think about the plus and minus of Aerotel. If it still suits your need of accommodation, why not! By the way, if you want to book Aerotel Singapore Hotel with special price, I suggest to book it via Agoda. Usually, you’ll get the best price there.

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