Alternative House Cleaners

Actually, you can use many things to clean.
Actually, you can use many things to clean. Photo from

Yesterday, I went monthly shopping. I bought sugar, milk, margarine, soap, shampoo, etc. Unfortunately, I forgot to buy the floor cleaner. The existing toilet cleaner won’t be insufficient to clean two toilets in the house. Great! And now it’s a mess. What should I use to clean the floor?

But then my husband said, “Don’t worry, it’s not a big problem.”

He explained, to clean the floor, we can mix two spoons of detergent with one gallon of water. This mixture will make the floor shiny and easy to clean. We can also add the fragrance into this liquid to give a good smell to your floor.

Then to polish the equipment made by chrome, we can put the wet towel for clean into the vinegar. Or put those equipments right into the vinegar. You can also mix the baking soda and water to polish the oven. First, rub the oven with the mix of baking soda and water, then leave it for one night. After that, you can clean it dry.

How about the toilet? You can use toothpaste for the imitation teeth to clean it from the bacteria. Spray it to the whole part of toilet and leave it for one night. The next day, clean the toilet using the toothbrush.

The methods and material are all natural, so it will not cause chemical effect in your house. The salt, for instance. It’s abrasive, but soft. It’s good to clean the stain on the oven or wash basin. Or corn starch; it can be used to clean the carpet and window. You can add two spoons of corn starch and mix it with a cup of white vinegar and a gallon of water.

As my mother said to me, everything in our kitchen has multiple functions.

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