Anticipate the Roof before It Rains

Do something before it rains
Do something before it rains

When the rain falls, a pleasant activity to do is enjoying some hot beverage, or chit-chat with the family. However, something can ruin that cozy circumstances. Take a roof leak, for very common example. You’ll be busy to fix the thing and lose the opportunity to enjoy the chill weather by just sitting or sleeping. So, before something happens during your rainy or winter season, why don’t you act right now?

  1. Check the roof regularly. Repair it if any damage.
  2. For concrete, asbestos or shingle roof, analyze the probability of crack. Set the wire netting and waterproof. If the crack is big enough, pierce and cement it all over again.
  3. The ideal checking is done at least once in two or three months. The little crack doesn’t cause leak directly. But after 3-4 times of heavy rain, water permeates so the roof will be moldy.
  4. The roof ridge area also needs extra care, because the cement there is often leaks. The sooner it’s repaired, the cheaper the cost. The humid plafond because of permeation of water can collapse your humid ceiling.
  5. Try to use aluminum foil as the layer between ceiling and roof tile. Besides reducing heat by absorbs it, the aluminum foil also can avoid rain splash. For example, if there’s unperfected in roof tile installment, aluminum will make the water fall to plank, not to the house.
  6. Analyze your roof tile’s elevation and material. For instance, ceramic tile needs the elevation more than 30 degrees, while asbestos needs more than 15 degrees. Ignore this and you’ll see the rain water still drops to your rooms.
  7. For asbestos roof, bolt and nail installment has to be done carefully. It can’t be installed with ordinary nail. Asbestos has to be drilled first. Then install the nail covered by rubber.
  8. For tropical area, the right material is ceramic tile that is more clayey in climate and temperature changing.

Remember the quote: “Prepare your umbrella before it rains.” It also suits your house, unless you have enough rain coats.

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