Arrange It as Your Character

Organizing house according to your character. Sounds interesting, huh? Let’s try this. As we know, there are four characters of human. We can use those too as a guide to choose furniture, wall color, and interior accessories in your house.

Four human temperaments
Four human’s temperaments. Image from

Cheerful Sanguine

This character is related to every cheerful thing, because he or she is extrovert, friendly, dynamic, active and love to experiment. To change home decoration as mood or trend can be one of his or her hobby.

Sanguine people loves activity and gathering with friends or family. If you are in, I bet you’d like to build or choose the opened house with rooms without any partition. Also apply two or three colors as primary paint for your wall and floor. The country or the retro style is a good choice for furniture and upholstery. Modify it with many styles you think match.

Organized Choleric

The person with this nature loves organizing stuffs, has leadership call, and looks for various activities. The choleric doesn’t like detail. Every color has same meaning for her. The keyword of his or her life is efficiency and effectiveness. A choleric is so dominant and it influences to the stuffs that belongs to him. The strong and explicit colors are the favorite type, as well as strong design.

That’s why, if you are a choleric, you must be prefer minimalist design or strong character of classic. Brown, black and maroon are suitable for home color. Use the furniture from hardwood tree or iron. Avoid using many details of room accessories. Use the upholstery from original leather. You’ll be homey in your own home.

Relax Phlegmatic

Cool, relax and enjoy the life is a phlegmatic. He is stable person. He loves eerything the way it is. Don’t want to radically change it. If you are kind of this fluid character, choose the minimalist and natural design. Build many windows or doors to let the nature element shows up as much as it can. So, there will be relaxing ambiance inside your house.

Plus, use the gradation of cream, young brown or white. Choose the furniture from the wood with natural design. Use upholstery with soft texture and color. The solid color and design can be used as refreshing accentuation.

Romantic Melancholic

Beauty, cleanliness, and orderliness are the important things for a melancholic one. The romantic dose in her mind is so high. No wonder if she has high soul of art. Consequently, her mood can be easily changed according to the situation around. So, the comfort in the house is very important. A melancholic loves details.

If you are this type, choose and apply Victorian classic design with vintage touch. Use upholstery from velvet, fur or lace. You have to be creative in combining the colors to raise your character. Create the special corners to put any kind of interior accessory. Use some fresh flower to increase mood and use Indian or chinese silk as accent.


Which one is your character?

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