Before Buying Cluster House

Nowadays, people are interested in cluster house. That’s why many developers build on this type of house. In a cluster house, security system relies collectively on the walls that’s surrounding block of houses. Although the management from cluster houses is so neat and systematic, but if it’s not managed well, it can cause financial loss for the cluster occupants.

For example, the outburst of parking. There’s no limitation for vehicles that can be parked in front of the house or side of the road. Every occupant can park two until five vehicles, even the commercial vehicle such as trucks. It’s not beautiful and dangerous for children who play around.

Most costumers choose the house only by looking at its shape and view. But they forget situation and security system. Here are some little tips you have to do so you won’t get wrong in choosing cluster house:

  1. Don’t hesitate to survey the house in the night to know the situation when the day turns into dark. If necessary, call friend or family who live there to ask some information.
  2. Ask the security functionary about the security system in the cluster area. Notice if it’s effective or not.
  3. Observe the planning houses that are built by the developer. If the garage is enough to park at least two cars in each house, so everything will look neat.

That are small things you should notice about cluster house.

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