Building a Cozy Home Library

A cozy home library
A cozy home library

Before getting married, my husband and I dreamed about a cozy home library with family member’s bookshelves. Nice, isn’t it? We love reading and collecting books. That little dream then comes true. We have our own library, although right now we only have two big bookshelves.

My vision on this library is clear. If house is a human body, then library is the brain. A center of knowledge. A research room. A comfortable place to do brainstorming.

A “brainswashing” room too. I mean, you know, children used to spend 4-7 hours a day in front of magic box called television. If we have a cozy home library, we can give a cool alternative for them. There, we can drive our children to have a reading habit, rather than watching habit.

The question is, how to build a home library for us to feel cozy in it? Here comes the tips.

  1. Free a space and provide some shelves. Prioritize your main books to put there. Organize those books so your home library looks nice for all family member.
  2. You can also prepare mini bookshelf to put children books, even if you haven’t had any child yet. I, myself, love reading children books and I keep them for my children someday.
  3. A good home library can facilitate what the family needs. For example, if the father loves automotive or sport, put them there. The same thing to the mother who loves cooking or beauty tip. You can collect newspapers, magazines, or books. Then classify the books by their genre, separated by some book stands.
  4. You can add Internet facility within the home library so your children can learn about technology not in hidden place. Of course, you must apply the healthy internet system.
  5. Encourage your children to access the books to be read together. You can prepare a sofa or carpet for reading activity in your home library. Or, you can bring the book outside the library to be read in the garden, for instance.
  6. At least once a month, ask your children to go to the bookstore and let them pick the books they like.
  7. It’s better if you build it near the living room where the whole family usually gathers. Or better yet, build a big window that faces to the garden. Remember, the cozy home library must have good lighting and air circulation.
  8. But keep away your books from the direct sunlight. Humid and rain splash are also dangerous for your collection. Maybe you would consider to put some naphthalene to avoid moth.
  9. Try to use different shelf to place father’s books, mother’s books, and your children’s book. So children won’t disturb your collection. You know, as professional writers, we would be in trouble when our important books are gone in the middle of deadline.

That’s that. But don’t get wrong, you don’t have to do all this at once. A cozy home library can be built step by step. Book by book. So, take your time.

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