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Rome wasn’t built in one day, neither are the houses.

When Do We Need Home Alarm System?

Home alarm systemDo you really need an alarm system? A warning sign of dogs or a neighborhood watch organization may do some good in dissuading a would-be burglar. But remember, things like those only prevent the “fluffy” thief such as neighborhood kids and random transients. For giving your house significant protection from serious intruder, proper alarm systems are the solution. Continue reading When Do We Need Home Alarm System?

7 Things Before You Build House

Build a House
Build a House

As a new couple, of course we want to have our own house. And it would be so proud if we don’t just buy it, but also build it. We create the design so we can have a house of our dream. We all need house, sure, as a place to stay and share with our family. No wonder if rice field or unfilled ground nowadays has changed into house building. Continue reading 7 Things Before You Build House