Ceramics to Cover the Wall, Good or Bad?

Ceramics on the wall
Ceramics look elegant on the floor and on the wall

A wall stands not only to separate rooms, but also to show the interesting design on itself. The design could be from wallpaper, painting, relief, and last but not least: ceramic. Yes, nowadays there are ceramics with the fine designs. Generally, ceramics are applied for bathroom or kitchen. But the fired clay reaches our other rooms. So you can adjust it with the theme of your house and furniture.

Is it a good idea to spread the ceramics vertically in your rooms? I would answer: it depends. I’m going to give you some ideas. As a decoration for your wall, outside of design aspect, here why you should use ceramic:

  1. Durable
    Ceramic is made by homogeny clay through the burning in more than 1,200° Celcius. This process makes ceramic a strong material. It’s different from wallpapers that can be easily torn, neither is from paintings that can be easily peeled off.
  2. Cleanable
    Sure, ceramic is easy to be cleaned. As ceramic floor, wall ceramic can be cleaned using water and cleaner fluid, so the spots on it can be removed with no trouble.
  3. No need of cement
    Because the wall will be covered by ceramic, the wall doesn’t have to be refined with cement. This can save your cement stocks.

But, let’s face it, here also why you shouldn’t use ceramic on your wall:

  1. Expensive
    The budget you have to spend for buying wall ceramics can be double, or even triple, from wallpaper or painting budget.
  2. Special skill required
    Installing ceramic to the wall isn’t easy. Because the work area is vertical, so it needs carefulness and skill in doing it. This also can make you waste your money because it takes a long time for the professional to accomplish.
  3. It causes heat
    According to my friends’ experience, the ceramics on your wall does only make the room temperature increases. The advice is simple: avoid room like this when you live in tropical country like us.

I leave you here with that 3 on 3 consideration. The ceramic is so stylist. It’ll make your interior look elegant, indeed. But think about the advantages and disadvantages before pasting your walls with it, pals.

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