Children room ideas and tips

Every child born special. They also grow special with their own imagination. That’s why a kid should have his own bedroom. A children room he would happily and proudly sleep and do activities in.

A children room with Car's theme
A children room with Car’s theme

To make the children bedroom comes true, don’t just hand over an empty room with a bed and some furniture. Provide something more! Create it creatively!

For giving you idea, if your son likes football, then design his room with football theme. It’s total football from the poster to the carpet. Or, if your daughter loves pink, make her bedroom full of pink, from the wallpaper to the sheet.

Steps to create children room

  1. Determine the theme. Ask your child’s about the most hobby or passion. Explore it. But if the room is for two or more children, you must find the win-win solution theme for them.
  2. Do something with the wall. You can repaint or set the wallpaper on it. I myself prefer wallpaper.
  3. Determine the content. You and your child can choose the furniture, accessories, and decoration based on your budget.
  4. Don’t forget sun and air factor. Make sure the room has enough sunlight and fresh air. Consider about the necessary of air conditioner.
  5. Do it together. It would be fun to make a children room with the child who will own that room.

Ideas of children rooms (photo gallery)

Did you know, children room doesn’t need a big room. Just remember the formula: 3 C. It’s simple.

Inspirasi kamar anak

3 C is…. it has to be clean, comfortable, and cheerful. How much cheer you should put here, of course, is depending on how old the kid is.

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To design such room is pretty tricky. It could be easy because the kid used to be laid-back. S/he would be grateful and enthusiastic just because s/he has a new room to play and sleep within. It’s everything for her.

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But as time goes by, the kid begins to improve some taste. The taste keeps on changing, sometimes even drastically. So, try to avoid the permanent ornaments and accessories in children room.

The bed, wardrobe, study table and its chair are the must. Meanwhile, things like personal computer, television, bookcase, dresser or carpet are just supplementary.

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We can also add ornaments to beautify the room.  For instance, with painting, framed photo, calligraphy, curtain, or vase of flowers.

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Relax, we don’t need high-end furniture to children room. When you have a low budget, all you have to do is to combine the element of colors and furniture models. Problem solve.

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Next question is, where should the children room be located? Well, wherever it suits. Best spot is a place very accessible, so you can visit the  room easily and quickly when something happens.

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Is it all right to put a kid room in upper floor? Yes, why not! But once again, make sure the adults can access it easily and quickly. You can even use the attic . With some creativity, your attic can be a unique and interesting bedroom.

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What makes it unique is the form of the roof and space. It’s sloping, so challenging your imagination! And the view from the window makes it more interesting. It’s a view from the top of your house.

So, get inspired already?

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