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Everybody wants to feel safe when staying in the house. To give such secure when a house is left, people create key. Choosing key has to suit the kind of the door. There are some categories of the door. This information is useful so can choose the right key to any of those doors.

Swing door
It’s generally used in many houses. The kind of lock case that’s used is the combination of latch bolt and dead bolt. While the door with two slides use the combination of roller latch and dead bolt.

Sliding door
The using of the key for this kind of door is lock case with type vise or hook (there are vise as the hook on the point of key tongue) so the door can’t be pulled to the side.

Folding door
It’s usually used as garage door with the key on the first door. You can use lock case in hook or the combination of latch bolt and dead bolt if the first door is made manually.

To decide the kind of cylinder that you will use on the door, you have to determine room function first:

  1. Main or front room
    It usually uses double cylinder door where the inside and the outside of the door uses key. To get the good safety system, use the key that can’t be duplicated.
  2. Inner room or bedroom
    Use the cylinder knob so it’s easy to use. It’s enough by turning to lock and unlocked from the inside of the room.
  3. Bathroom
    The cylinder you use doesn’t need to use the outside key. Just prepare the opener to be used in emergency.

Done with that plan, you can now make your key.

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