Cocoon: Furniture You Can Live In

Cocoon to facilitate your me-time
Cocoon to facilitate your me-time

Imagine that you read your favorite book in an open park, where you don’t need to worry about ants, flies, cats, dogs, or even falling leaves to your dish. Imagine that you can work with your netbook in the bottom of the lake. Imagine that you do online meeting while hanging on the trees without worrying about bees or mosquitoes.

It seems like I am talking about future. But no! Not at all. I am talking about the cocoon furniture. Cocoon or bubble is a special place to have a me-time. It is private and–at the same time–allows us to join the life outside. Cocoon is for aesthetics and function. Spacious enough to create a room, yet not too bulky to your room. The diameter is only 150-200 cm, with net weight 90-120 kg.

Imagine the fun you'll have
Imagine the fun you’ll have in there

Not only that, by adding some modules, you may change its function. For instance, adding the sleeping or storage modules. Micasa Lab even provides cooking modules in their Cocoon product. The batteries will not only allow the stove to operate, but also power Wi-Fi and the media module.

Look at the pictures. I believe you already have plenty ideas to do in the cocoon like those. It functions indoor as well as outdoor. You can suspend it in the trees (and feel the sensation of hammock), place it on the ground with its adaptable feet, hang it in a tree above a lake, fix it into the bottom of a lake (yes, seriously), or even as a cluster of other Cocoons.

OK. Enough talking. Let’s get some fun with this cute furniture! [photos from &]

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