Colors on The Wall Mean

Ready to repaint your house? Choose the right color
Ready to repaint your house? Choose the right color

If the color of your house is getting dull, it’s not the end of the world. Just repaint it. It’s very normal. So it can give you a new look. But, before you buy the buckets of paint, it’s good to know the meaning of the color. I am not talking about feng shui. But every color has its own character. And I think you shall use the right color for your wall.

This is a neutral color. It can match with other colors. If you love cleanliness or want to get a wide and simple nuance, this color suits for you. But do not use it too much because it can give a cold ambiance, unfriendly, clumsy, and make your house looks like a hospital.

When minimalist house style is on the mode, this color is often used. It brings tranquility to the occupants and gives a wide impression of your house. Just do not use this color too much. Like what white can give, grey also can give a cold and clumsy look.

This color always gives an elegant and strong impression with protection effect. But do not use this color to the whole part of the house. Or else, your house will looks spooky like in cemetery.

A yellow always look energetic, enthusiastic, and luxurious. It is often considered as gold for the symbol of wealth. This color suits for your workroom.

It gives warm, happy and cheerful ambiance. This is suitable for the dining room.

This color is symbol of nature. It gives you a calm, natural, peace, relax, chill and quiet. It suits for your bedroom.

It is a favorite color because of its warmth, comfort and quiet. You can use it for the living room. You can apply this for the wide room so it will not look cold or silent.

This one is favorite too. Blue ocean or blue sky can give you comfort, quiet and silence. It also can make the little room looks bigger. Use it for your bed room.

The right mix and match of the color will make a great result. So, just be creative, which I am sure you are already.

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