Conjuring Working Room in No Time

It’s interesting to work in your own house. You don’t need to go to the office everyday. You can control your house and your family activities anytime. Sounds like good idea, huh? Lucky me, I’m a writer 🙂 So, I can work at home, as long as I want. That’s why the working room in my house has to be comfortable and healthy. It helps me find the best mood. If you’re a professional who works at home too, there are things I want to share here.

The working room shall have enough lighting in day and night. A room with inadequate in lighting will make your eyes work harder and be easily tired. The working room shall be completed with windows in appropriate size to give the light in the day. While in the night, give the lighting that spreads evenly (e.g. neon lamps), so it won’t create any disturbing shadow. If your working room is in bedroom like mine, use a table lamp that’s not too bright, because it can annoy your eyes from that distance.

Air Circulation
A hot and musty working room will simply make you tired and bored. That’s why, install the window with enough size that can flow the air from outside to inside, and vice versa. If it’s impossible to open the window widely, the solution is you have to set the air conditioner.

View and Sound
A working room needs beautiful view, of course, to rest your eyes when it’s necessary. And not crowded ambiance, so you can achieve your peak concentration without difficulty, and you’ll get respect from your clients when they call you at home. How to make it? Organize your working room face to the window, with the view of garden. By applying this way, you can rest your eyes for a while after had enough with screen or papers. And sometimes, believe it or not, the sound of water flowing in water fountain or pool can make you feel relax. If you live in the middle of noisy environment, use radio stations trick to create a soundproof room: carpeted or foamed wall!

Working Table Position
Wrong in placing working table means harm to your concentration and comfort. So, don’t put the computer with the back to the window because it can make you dazzle when you watch the monitor. Like I just suggested, the comfortable position of the window is in our side or front of you. So, when you feel tired, you can lift your head up and feel the blowing wind or watch the view outside.

That’s what I can share to make a conducive working room from a simply bedroom. To be a professional doesn’t mean we have to leave the house, right? Did you know that telework and netpreneur are already a trend in some countries?

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