Design Your Future House to be an Energy-Efficient

Save EnergyComputer, washing machine, iron, television. All needs energy. We can’t stay away from electricity. Otherwise, we’ll get mad for can’t do anything. Blackout is like doomsday for modern people. The question is, do you realize that you have wasted so much energy in your house? Meanwhile, the necessity of electricity and water is always increasing as the population and number of houses growth.

It’s not too late to do something. Just simple things to do in order to avoid the energy wasting. Here are some tips to save the energy in your house that you can do before you build it:

  1. Don’t let your house face the east, so the sunlight won’t enter directly to your house and increase the temperature. Manage the room position by multiplying north and south part.
  2. But if the house is already face the east or west, you still can do something to avoid the solar light: install shading or canopy!
  3. Try giving window or ventilation in every room, so there will be air circulation. The air that’s trapped in the room will increase the temperature. If it happens, you’ll be sweaty and yell for air conditioner.
  4. Buy and use nothing but the energy-efficient electronic stuffs. Maybe you have old equipment and don’t feel like to buy new ones. Well, think twice! It doesn’t matter if you spend more money for new electricity tools, because in the end, you’ll save the electricity bill and the earth.
  5. Painting the house with bright color will help you in saving the energy too. Painting house with dark color such as dark grey or blue will create obscure impression so you will always need to turn on the light.

Ok, that’s all! Do you have another idea?

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