Do You Believe Feng Shui?

Feng shui in Water Dragon
Feng shui in Water Dragon

Few days ago, we celebrated Chinese New Year. It’s year of water dragon now, according to Chinese people. I think it’s a good time to talk about Chinese culture that relevant with our topic. What else: a feng shui! Do you ever hear about it? Or do you practice it?

Feng shui (“wind-water” in English) is a Chinese system of geomancy believed to use the laws of both Heaven and Earth to help one improve life by receiving positive energy. It was broadly used to orient buildings in a fortunate manner. Depending on the particular style of feng shui being used, a fortunate site could be determined by reference to local features like bodies of water, stars, or a compass.

Do you believe such things? Do you use it when you build, organize, maintain, sell or buy any house?

Well, I don’t.

My friend tell me that he watched an episode of Penn & Teller: Bullshit!. There, they brought in four feng shui experts. To make long story short, all the four had completely different reads on how the rooms should be set up, with completely different explanation. Ha-ha! If within one same discipline they don’t say alike conclusion, why should others believe? It could be one of them was wrong, or all of them was wrong. But not a chance that all of them (who are contradictive to each other) were right!

While it’s true that environment can affect your mood and disposition, there is no scientific evidence whatsoever that feng shui actually works. They are right at some points, because what they said is coincidentally logic. The Skeptic encyclopedia of pseudoscience states that some principles of feng shui are quite rational.

But still, it’s not a science.

I don’t think placing my recliner a few feet more toward the west will improve my energy levels. I don’t believe that there’s all this free roaming energy that can be channeled to me if I just arrange my furniture properly. Come on….

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