Do You Need Air Conditioner? Think Again

Fresh, natural air is better than air that's conditioned
Fresh, natural air is better than air that’s conditioned

Although air conditioner has become an important thing during the heat, I never think to install air conditioner. I always need chilly weather, but if it comes from artificial air, I can’t take it. I love natural wind more than air conditioner. Besides, I heard that air conditioner can give a negative effect for energy saving.

So, I think it’s time to build a home without air conditioner. If you know how to build it, you’ll keep feeling chill and comfort in your home.

First of all, maximize the ventilation and door or window. A good air circulation is an absolute condition you must have to build any kind of house. You can add some ventilation or open the window or the door as often as possible, so there will be a balance of air flowing.

Second, minimize the sunlight penetration. Light is important. But if it’s too much, the level of the weather will uncomfortably increase. So, try not to let too much sunlight inside your house. Utilize the window shade. It will help decreasing light frequency.

Third, make sure there is high enough distance between plafond and floor. The ideal height is 2.75 to 4 meters. Some house even has 6 meters height. It can give enough space to the air circle and exchange. It also will decrease the heat in the room caused by hot sediment from under-roof room to the inside of the room.

Fourth, use the heat bounced roof material. The heat that’s caused by penetration of sunlight, not only comes from the window, but also from the roof. That’s why we have to choose the roof material that can bounce the heat, not 100% absorb it.

Last, make the indoor pool or garden. Pool and garden which has green concept can help decreasing room temperature. To avoid the weather inside become humid, try to keep the sunlight entering your indoor. But don’t let it too much, as I said in second point.

Have done with the five, you won’t need air conditioner anymore. ^_~

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