Get inspired by a Sport Center

I felt boring with the routines. I needed to go outside and having fun. Coincidentally, it was my daughter’s third birthday. So we went to this place, Atlas Sport Club. It’s swimming pools, fitness center, and sports boutique under the same roof.

Atlas Sport Club

My three year old daughter love to play around the water. Me wants to swim couple of laps. And my wife, just looking for fun, I think.

Atlas Sport Club

Since we came on a week day, Atlas Sport Club was not so crowded. There were a lot of people there. We saw tens of members did some treadmill, water gym, aerobic, and so on. Still, it felt tranquil because the area is so wide.

Atlas Sport Club

So we did not just enjoy the  water activity there, but also the interior design. It really restored my mood. The plafond, floor,  pillars, and the whole interior in general inspired us too. I think, someday, we must revisit this place. In a meanwhile, let me wrote this small note to Homerie blog.

Atlas Sport Club

This prove me one thing. That we don’t always get inspired and take reference by a house. A hotel, restaurant, or even a sport center like Atlas can give us strong impression.

– Photos by Brahmanto

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