Glass Block to Light Your House

I planned to add a bathroom in my house. Unfortunately, the space is small and little bit dark. I thought I must put some window there. But it’s impossible, because behind this space is a small road. Although there’s a fence, but I’m afraid somebody will do something worst. My husband then said that we have to install some glass block.

Even working room looks stunning with glass blocks

The glass block is a hollow space consists of separate two glass parts, exerting pressure and joined together in high temperature. Glass block is bright, made of glass in 20 x 20 cm or 25 x 25 cm with 8-9 cm in thickness.

Normally, glass block has square shape with variation in design, from wave, frosted wave, cross rib uniform, cross rib alternating, etc. Those names depend on the enterprise that produced them.

Glass blocks produce natural light in the rooms. They resist cold and heat. They are soundproof. In addition, they also have endurance against pressure and burden. Before, the glass block can only hold the burden vertically. But nowadays, manufacturers are able to produce stronger stuffs, so they can hold the burden horizontally. This makes the use of glass block not only on the wall, but on the floor as well.

With various shape, the glass block may beautify home appearance, interior or exterior. From windows, partition, lamp, floor, until the gate. As the substitute of window, glass block can let the sunlight in to the room and give a dramatic ambiance. A good arrangement of glass block also can make the wall beautiful.

The architects and interior designers use the glass block element within their design to make an attractive look. This piece of glass can be arranged in various shape, flat or curved, so it will create nuance of dynamic room.

Glass block is a good choice to the rooms that need a private touching. To get the privacy, warmth and light of the room can be controlled by choosing the combination of glass block design that is adjusted with necessity and room function. Do some experiment by decorating your house with glass block.

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