Have A Good Impression from Prospective Buyer

First, Get Them Impressed
First, Get Them Impressed

I have never sold the house before. When my cousin asked me how to sell the house, I didn’t know the correct answer. But surely I know what the buyers need. So I answered him as a buyer perspective. The point is, how you make the buyer impressed. How is it? Here are some tips:

  1. Clean the house. Wash the window and make sure the glass doesn’t crack. Do the preparation as detail as possible. Chase away the insect that live in the house you will sell. You can hire the cleaning service if you can’t do it yourself.
  2. If the furniture will be sold, be sure it has no damage. The careful prospective buyer may analyze every corner of your property.
  3. Repaint the house. If there’s a hole on the wall, mend and repaint it. You can make a new and fresh atmosphere only by repainting.
  4. Eliminate the bad smell. It can come from various factors, such as smoke or pet. Don’t put too much fragrance because the prospective buyer may have allergic with it. Air circulation and light have to be considered too. It can help you omitting the aroma.
  5. If you have a pet, don’t let it plays around when the prospective buyer comes. Some people loves animal, but some others don’t. They may have a phobia or allergic, anyway.
  6. Make the house neat. If there’s no more room to put the stuffs, throw them to the warehouse. The prospective buyer won’t buy if they see disorder.
  7. Check the lamp, air conditioner, heater, fan, and sockets. They should be in a good condition and can be used. If there’s any damage, do some reparation or change with the new one.
  8. Prepare the good lights by controlling the sunlight that enters the room, opening the curtain and window, and turning on the lamp.
  9. If you still stay in that house, don’t show your personal stuffs, especially family pictures. Your purpose is to make the prospective buyer imagine that house as their own. So get away all of things that are not for sale.
  10. Put the flower to refresh and make the room beautiful. Just make sure it’s the real flower and not wilted.
  11. Put off the wallpaper. Not all the prospective buyer likes wallpaper.
  12. Exterior is as important as interior. If you have garden in your house, make sure the grass is cut and all looks nice.
  13. Be flexible with visiting time. Maybe there’s super busy buyer who will visit your house whenever they could. They don’t have time to schedule a rendez-vous. Just try to make their visit as a good experience. The more visit, the more opportunity you get.
  14. The buyer doesn’t want to buy the property they can’t inspect. So, don’t try to hide even just a room.
  15. Don’t follow the buyer when they check your house all the time. The most important is you can answer the question they ask. Greet them friendly and invite them to observe. Try not to be so nervous when they’re in your house. Your friendliness will make them comfort.

[photo from Toprealestatesites.net]

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