Home Automation with Wearable Computer: Jarvis in the House

Not so far from now, we will be able to control the entire house just by a petite device. No, I’m not talking about smart home’s default remote control. It’s smarter than that. The device could be your smart phones, smart watches, or… Google Glass as it is demonstrated by Revolv, a technology developer, in this video.

Cool! It’s like Tony Stark with his J.A.R.V.I.S (Just A Rather Very Intelligent System?). Only, this Jarvis doesn’t talk back.

It’s interesting though to see that Google Glass can control the (smart) house wirelessly. With only a few simple swipes and voices, it’s able to lock the door, turn on/off the lights, and turn on Sonos music system. With the connection to personal preferences you set on social media like Google+ or Youtube, Google Glass will make the smart home even more personal.

But wait! The good news is, Google Glass won’t be the only player. Apple, Samsung, and Microsoft will soon jump to the home automation too with their own wearable computers. They must notice that without a great application ecosystem in place from day one, their innovation may die on the vine.

Let’s watch another home activity with Google Glass, and see what you can do with your house. Sooner or later, these smart devices will turn into inexpensive products.

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