House Renovation: Synchronizing Quality and Budget

There are many reasons why we have to renovate our house. The family member has increased or the children have grown and they need their own room. Or, renovation can be done because our house need repair in some part. A house will always change from year to year. The factor is the age of the house that increases, or the taste of the owner has changed.

Here are some reasons or purpose why the owner does the renovation to their house building.

  1. Changing, adding or adjusting the room function in the house, such as adding bedrooms, expanding working room, kitchen, etc.
  2. Repairing house condition or quality due to damage because of age or other damage, such as roof repair, humid wall repair, etc.
  3. Wanting to change exterior appearance. Maybe you are bored with your house exterior now. It’s natural if you want to change it, example, from classic to minimalist, minimalist to tropical, etc.

Whatever your reason, house renovation has to be planned and done well. You must think first about the detail of building plan until the budget you must prepare in order to renovation done successfully.

Here are guides in economic house renovation. Through these guides you will get new function and look of your house without wasting money out of the budget.

In this phase, you determine which part of your house that you want to change or repair, the design, reuse old material or buy the new ones. If you want to use old material, sure you have to take it off carefully. While determining design has a purpose to have the result as you want. If it’s not according to your plan, you have to take it apart and it must spend more money. In making good concept, the workers will do it faster too.

Material type and quality you want to use
If you won’t spend much budget, you can use the middle quality material or use the old material. If you can choose accurately, you can find the used material in good quality.
Middle quality material, for example, is for ceramic floor, woods, frame or interior paint. If you install the ceramic with good technique, you will get beautiful floor although you use middle quality ceramic. While the parts that must use high quality material are, house foundation, planted pipe, building structure, roof framework, and exterior paint.

Remove certain work items
You don’t have to do some work items, such as wall without cement so it can save the time and make your wall looks natural. Or painting without putty. Besides save the time, it can save your money too.

Payment way
Payment way you can apply to the workers can be divided into two kinds: by contract or daily. If you have known which part you want to renovate and have made the concept accurately, it’s better if you pay by contract. But if you still don’t know renovation concept, you can pay the workers daily.

Time of Renovation
It would be better if you don’t renovate your house in rainy season. In this season, the worker will find the difficulty in doing process. Especially if it’s related to foundry, wall cement, roof installment, or exterior painting. My suggestion, consult first to the architect. They will give you solution of your problems, alternative design according to your taste and dream, and giving you advice to avoid the failure of renovation.

That is all the guides. I hope it can help you in doing house renovation. Have a nice try.

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  1. house improvements jobs and work is such a nice task as i want to do again and again, i love to do because interior and exterior painting is my passion. i appreciate the author who have post this good quality content

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