How I Manage My House in 7 Days

Clean the uest roomNext week, all the muslim in the world will celebrate their huge day, Eid ul-Fitr. In this day, we welcome the big family, neighbors, and friends, to our home. For the sake of friendship and brotherhood, we ask each other for forgiveness, and will restart the relationship as a newborn baby. But the guests don’t come just for shaking hands and hugging. They also spend some minutes or hours to talk and enjoying the food. So, this week is my busy week to prepare everything.

I’m not going to make a big renovation, such as repainting the wall. I just try to make my house clean, tidy and beautiful. I just make up the terrace as a welcoming part. It has to be looked friendly and clean. I clean the gate from encrustation and rust. Add some pots with green leaves to soften and refresh the ambiance.

In the living room where the guess usually gather, I tidy it up, decorate, and relocation the sofa. My mother gave me some colorful pillowcase. But I won’t use it. I have some pashmina. I used to use it as veil, but pashmina also has another function: the cover of my sofa. Pretty elegant, I think.

Oh, and must not forget to clean the dining room and bathroom. The guest will also visit those places. For some guest, like my family, I will let them try lontong opor (some kind of chicken curry). I can’t bring those cuisines to living room or guest room. It’s more practical if we serve the dish on dining table. Usually, the guest will take the meal and go back to the where they had chit-chat.

How about bathroom? It’s also a critical point, because the guess may need to wash their hands after eating, take a pee, or else. So I clean it and add fragrance.

I also need to “evacuating” some stuff. I move the television to the bedroom. Not because I love to watch television. Matter of fact, I’m not a TV fans. The reason I move the television is to make the chit-chat activity would be more focus. I guess, the television will distract our conversation. Magazines and newspapers also are not important in the day. Sweep away! My room is not like waiting room in hospital or beauty salon.

All of this is troublesome. Furthermore, I have to take care of my nine months old infant. It’s not easy to manage the house while your child needs your attention. And my husband has to work. So, I try to do it little by little. Few days ago, I made the concept about the room I want. I also made the to-do-list:

  • Day 1: Clean the gate (it’s harder than I thought).
  • Day 2: Manage and clean the terrace.
  • Day 3: Clean the living room and remove unimportant stuffs (I put it all in the big plastic container).
  • Day 4: Decorate table and sofa, and change the curtain.
  • Day 5: Not doing anything. Just post this on blog 😛
  • Day 6: Dining room is pretty challenging.
  • Day 7: Bathroom is the last battle!

If one specific room hasn’t been done yet, I don’t do another room. If I neglect this rule, no room will look clean and tidy because I have to hand on all room. I’m on day 5 now. It’s still two days to go. Wish me luck! 🙂

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