How to Choose Boarding House

Far away from the family? Search for boarding place? This could be a good tip for you:

  1. Choose the strategic boarding house. This can make you easy in reaching many places, such as campus, restaurant, bookstore, or mini market.
  2. Stay in the first floor. Staying in second floor, especially if there’s balcony is interesting. But you’ll have trouble when you forget something, because you have to get up and down.
  3. Don’t choose the room with a few sunlight enters the room. I’m sure you won’t feel comfort there.
  4. Water supplying has to be considered. This is common problem in boarding house.
  5. Regard the wall. If you find bug, fungus or bryophyte, it indicates that the wall is humid.
  6. Also notice the roof whether it leaks during the rain.
  7. It’s better if the mattress is put on the bed. Mattress on the floor can be so comfort. But it can be dangerous to your health when it gets colder.
  8. Make sure your boarding house area is safe, especially when you have your own car. If the boarding house doesn’t have the parking lot, think again.
  9. It wouldn’t be so comfort if your boarding house location is near shelter trash. You will smell sh*t every day.
  10. Don’t forget to adjust the boarding house cost and your budget.
  11. Analyze the personality of the owner of boarding house.

Like I have said, you stay away from your family. Staying alone in the boarding house (although you will have new friends) is not that easy. So, take care yourself.

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