How to Renovate Your House Economically

Renovation will make your house like a new one
Renovation will make your house like a new one

A good renovation will make your house looks like a new one. Unfortunately, it requires a great cost. It’s not as much as building house, of course. However, unpredictable damages or repairs definitely cause you much more money than you expected. How to deal with this problem?

Determine the renovation concept carefully
In this phase, determine which part of the house you want to repair. Decide also the design to get good result. Or, determine whether you want to use the old material or change it with the new one. If you want to use the old material, open it carefully to avoid damage. If the result doesn’t suit the concept, you must reopen it and you will waste more money. Determining concept will help the renovation get done quickly.

Determine the material and its quality
If you have limited budget for renovation, you may use the ready stock or middle quality material. The middle quality material can be used as the floor ceramic, woods, window or door frame, or interior paint. While the good quality material is used as in foundation, planted pipe, building structure, roof construction, and exterior paint.

Omit one part renovation work
You don’t have to renovate all part of the house. For example, the wall without plaster, or painting without putty. These all can save the time and money for another renovation project.

Choose the right payment method
There are two methods of payments to your workers: contract or daily. If you have known what you will renovate and you have designed the concept, you better apply contract system. But, if you don’t have renovation concept, you can pay daily, because you will need the progress day by day.

Do at the right time
I suggest, don’t renovate your house in rainy season or winter/fall. Because, your workers will face some difficulties. Besides, the exterior part will be hard to dry, or even damage.

Voila! Happy plan and do the renovation now!

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