Indoor Plants to Adorn Your House

They can beautify your house, aren't they?
They can beautify your house, aren’t they? Photo from

I have just decorated my living room with some addition of the indoor plants. They are plants that can live under a limited sunlight and water. Even there is a plant that its leaf color will look more shiny if you put it inside your house. You may choose aglaunema, palm, or sanseviera, caladium to adorn your house.

Beside their beauty, the indoor plants also function as a pollution reducer. They are able to absorb poisonous gas from smoke, paint, glue, etc. Then, it emit some fresh air in return. However, they need oxygen at night. That’s why I don’t suggest you to put any living plant in the room wherein you sleep.

To decor the indoor plant

To make the plants more beautiful, provide the beautiful pot as well. The rule is simple, if you have a big plant, then use a big pot. It can influence the growth of the root and bud. To know the measure of the proper pot, just put the plant inside it. If the plant (and the root) can easily goes in, then the size is suitable.

The pot is usually made from plastic or clay. The plastic pot will keep the humidity and weather of soil lasting, while the clay pot can make the humidity in normal condition. It also has pores that can remove the water surplus. Or, you may want the decorative pot. It could be made from ceramic, rattan, wood or metal. But, it’s usually used as the cover of the inside pot that made from plastic.

Don’t forget to adjust it with the plant. If the plant has unique leaves, choose a simple pot. And if the plants has simple motif on the leaves, use the decorative pot. Brief, it has to be balance. You can also arrange the cover pot with the color of the leaf or flower.

Last but not least, you can add sand or decorative stones to on the outer layer of the soil.

To maintain the indoor plant

You have to cultivate the plants regularly. Also, change the pot as the plant grows. Don’t forget to take the plants out of the house to get the sunlight about 2-3 hours. Last, cut the old and pale leaves.

It’s easy. That’s why I love adorning my house with this kind of plant. You know, in tropical country like Indonesia, you can get the indoor plants with a lot of variation.

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