Live in a bus like a hippie

For some people, Andrew and Julie Puckett are living in their ultimate dream. The inflation of property prices make them did something economically innovative.

Andrew and Julie Puckett, they conjure a shool bus into a mobile house

They bought a 1990 Firebird school bus for 10,000 USD. Then, renovated it into a cozy bus house.

Everything is modified creatively

Five months later, this bus made many people envious. The tiny space is now very homey. There are a shower, a toilet, a mini kitchen, a double bed, and some cabinets to store things. I do not know whether they really dwell here every single day or not, but it looks fun!

Lamp, curtain, plant, fan... feels like home

Look at those curtains. Like any other curtains, they are useful to cover us, either from the sunlight or other people’s gaze. I just can figure out how the Pucketts deal with the winter.

Little room to be maximed, plenty room for creativity

Julie’s father and Andrew developed a versatile storage box, which provides a lot of storage and doubles as a sofa or as a guest bed. Nice.

Sofa so good


Kitchen set and refrigerator

This is the kitchen. You can see a refrigerator, stove, cabinet with a cute fabric curtain, et cetera. Beautiful, indeed. But it is nowhere. It is still in front of the sofa 🙂

After cooking, you can eat there while watch television

The bus is equipped with a bathroom and a waterless toilet. I bet you have to save every single drop of water when you live in this kind of accommodation.

Waterless toilet, don't waste a drop

No need to install an exhaust, though, since you can open the window to get some fresh air. However, the question on winter time remains unanswered.

No need to install an exhaust, though, since you can open the window to get some fresh air.

Oh, my bad. Here we go, the answer of winter problem! A wood-burning stove. It came with the bus, which Julie says is totally safe and usual for bus conversions.

A classic stove to warm the body

It gives classical look to this bus house, somehow.

Don't worry, it's safe

Now, let’s shifted to the rear part. Andrew and Julie used the rear end of the bus as their bedroom. It comes with a perfect fit of bed.

Back section of the bus

I hope you are not a claustrophobe. Because it is narrow, vertically and horizontally. But, the views would be various, depends of where the driver goes.

It's ideal to put the bed and the books

So, do you want to live in this kind of mobile house? Well, if you are an adventurous, a couple without children, who have work-at-home type of jobs, I don’t see why not. To get more idea, you may want to watch Andrew and Julie’s video:

Living in a bus like a hippie is interesting. However, three things you must consider. First, the security of your bus house. Second, the permit. And third, the taxes. Beware, in some countries, those three are so uncertain.

[Images from House Bus]

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