To Maintain the Wood Floor

A type of wood floor
A type of wood floor

My mother taught me something about the wood floor. She said, if I can figure out, it’s such a shortcut to beautify the house. It will look luxurious. But, in the other side, the maintenance is pretty hard, at least for me. Basically, the wood is so sensitive of climate change and termite. So, she told and showed me:

  • First of all, you have to choose the good material, such as hardwood, ebony, or timber. Ensure the wood contains less water, because the high water content makes the wood unexpectedly expands, reduced or cracked. It would be better if you use solid wood, which resists from termite attack and has beautiful texture. Don’t forget to cover the wood with anti-termite essence. Use varnish or wood paint.
  • For the better installing, let the professional do the job. It doesn’t take times. In one or two days, it’ll be done. You don’t even have to open up the prior floor, it can be piled up with the new wood floor.
  • To clean the wood floor, utilize the soft broom of fur or soft brush of vacuum cleaner to avoid the scratch. Use vacuum cleaner once or twice in a week, no more.
  • Carpet can be a brilliant alternative to cover some part of wood floor. However, choose the carpet with anti-slipped layer so it won’t easily shift. Clean regularly the carpet so the dust won’t stain the floor.
  • Beware of heavy footwear and high heels. It’ll make scratches, not to mention the indentation on the wood floor.
  • Never put any furniture on your wood floor. If you have to, use the soft footwear such towel under the furniture before you move it.
  • When the water contacted the floor, clean it immediately with soft, dry towel until it’s parched. If damage happens due to the water, it’s probably hard to repair. Get the recommendation from manufacturer about this thing.
  • Some wood floor type maybe need waxing process or floor glossing regularly. Call the wood floor manufacturer for further information.

Huff! What a long, exhausting advices. But, it’s worth! You may didn’t notice yet, the advantage of using wood floor is it can chill the hot weather and give warmth during the cold weather. It’s also beautiful, elegant, comfortable, familiar, hygienic, non allergic. It doesn’t hurt when you or your children fall on it, doesn’t make some noise when you step on it, doesn’t humid in air conditioned room.

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