Maintaining Leather Sofa

Sofa, so comfort, but not easy to be maintained
Leather sofa, so comfort, but not easy to be maintained

As I see, many people love leather sofa because of its elegant and classic shape. It’s also durable. But sooner or later its surface will be peeled or crack, if you don’t maintain it well and regularly. Although the leather is easy to clean material, the surface is so sensitive from weather and spot. The easiest way is by rubbing it with humid towel.

If you put the sofa in high temperature environment, touched directly by the sunlight, leather sofa needs moisturizer to avoid it from crack, torn, or color changing.

Like your skin, leather sofa also needs maintaining. So, once or twice in a year, you have to maintain your sofa by washing the seat with soap and warm water. Do the same thing for the same material in your house, from bag to chair. Use a little soap until the sponge produces foam. It’s enough to clean and moisture the surface. After the soap dries, wash the leather surface with soft dry towel.

Another way is by using liquid soap. Pour one or two drops of soap to the warm water, wipe it using towel or sponge. If your sofa starts to look lusterless, refresh the surface using conditioner.

Avoid cleaning leather sofa by using commercial chemist cleaner, especially the cleaner to clean the furniture. The using of that chemist material will make the abrasion to the leather sofa color and surface. Remember, leather sofa is very sensitive, the hard material and chemist cleaner will make its surface irritated.

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