Make House More Relaxing

I believe that house is a place to escape myself from the crowd and business. But sometimes, I found my house not as organized and calm as I imagine. It makes me more tired and stress. So, I ask my friend to give an advice and he gives me some suggestion based on feng shui. Because I think that feng shui can be rational, I apply those suggestions in my house, and it’s true. My house feels relaxing.

Do you want to try? Here are the tips.

Keep your house tidy
Remove the things that can make you sick, such as newspaper with criminal news or politic dispute. Put it in the wardrobe which the door can close tightly. Then, put some objects that can make you smile, for example your family picture or flowers.

Use the color with water element
Before I knew what feng shui is, I believed that water is relaxing and refreshing. In this case, my friend suggested the same opinion with mine. Some colors can give relaxing atmosphere in your house. The color is blue or green. I heard that blue can invite your creativity and prosperity, while green creates feeling a new live in your life.

Make a distance
A room with full of stuff can make you feel like under pressure. So, make a distance about 0.7 meters for a space to stand or walk around the furniture.

Put the living plant in the house
Open the window in the morning and day so the natural lighting from sunlight can make your house brighter. Also, put the living plant around the house. You know, a plant gives a new life and hope. It can also bring oxygen to your house.

Balance the room organizing
Combine the hard and soft element in your house. For example, set the glass table with soft and comfortable sofa. Add the decorative pillow on the wood chair. Soft element takes comfortable atmosphere, while hard element creates stability.

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