Natural crossbar for curtains

A curtain is one of important things in a windowed room. Its function is not merely to cover the window, but a decoration as well. A unique curtain would make your room more beautiful and special.

There are a lot of curtains. But not the crossbar. Mostly, the crossbar for a curtain are a flat bar. Some with rail. Little variation, but with high price. So, how about a free, unique crossbar?

No kidding, how about a crossbar made of a tree branch?

A natural furniture or decoration has always a beauty and exoticism, so why not? After all, it’s free! All you need to do is pick it up from park or garden around you. And yet, you would not lose any accent of uniqueness in the room. Clean the branch from dust, sand, and tree bark before using it.

However, there something you have to ensure when you think a tree branch is a good idea. It’s the size and the color. Make sure it suits your curtain’s tone.

Last tips, the color of curtain is important too. Choose the neutral, soft colors to deepen the natural accent of your room.

Done! What do you think? Whatever it is, at least, you don’t have to lost any penny if you don’t like it later. Just change it with other creativity.

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