No More Frighten of Bathing Baby

I love seeing my six-months baby clean, fresh, and healthy. So, I wash her everyday, in the morning and afternoon. My infant looks love bathing too because she can play water. Bathing also makes her calm because she becomes free from the dirt. To me, washing baby is always an amusing home activity.

But when my infant had just been born, as a new mother, I was so afraid of washing her. What if the baby falls when I put her on the baby bathtub? As we know, water and soap or shampoo can cause slippery. Also, I was afraid if the umbilical cord suddenly broken. The nurse had taught me how to keep the baby when bathing. Even my mother had shown the easy and safe way.

First, I put my baby on the mat. Then I undressed her, clean her eyes, ears, nose and genital with sterile cotton ball, soaped her body using washcloth. And finally, I put her in the baby bathtub to wash of the body. But still, I need a hand. My husband sometimes helped me, especially during the weekend when he wasn’t at work.

Good baby bath up makes it fun and easierMostly, I have to bath my baby, all by myself. One day, my husband and I searched on the Internet about washing baby and we found a baby bathtub for newborn to infant. It’s just 29$! This baby bath up looks comfort and safe for the baby, especially if the neck still can’t support well the head. Yeah, that’s what I need!

Few days later, two weeks before my newborn reached one month, our order arrived. I couldn’t wait to use this tub and I almost forgot to clean it if my husband didn’t remind me. So I clean it. The fabric is quick drying. I don’t have to be afraid of mildew odor.

It’s bathing time! First, I soap my baby. Then I put her in the tub. Her head leaned on the towel installed on the tub. With soft mesh sling seat and well padded, she laid in comfortably and safely, surrounding by the warm water. Although her neck still couldn’t support well the head, I didn’t feel afraid, because of deluxe head support.

Month by month, my baby has grown up. Until she reached five months, her neck still couldn’t support strongly the head. But I dared to bath the baby directly in the bathtub. I soaped her body while she played water and ducky. My baby could wiggle and kick actively the water as she wants, while she reclines cheeringly. The extra room ensures me she won’t roll out. It really suits for newborn and baby.

After being used, I used to drain the water, turn the sling upside down and rest the sling on the edge of the tub. And then, I just store it until the next use. I just have to wash the cover once in a week by machine. It made of strong materials, after all.

The default feature is there’s no strap so my infant can’t hold on. But over all, this product is so helping. I really love this product! My baby girl seems like love it too. Maybe, she loves the color. Blue with amusing pictures. Feels like swimming in the sea 🙂

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