OK, Let’s Cook Now

Even Obama enjoyed to cook
Even Obama enjoyed to cook

What good is a home without cooking activities? I just realize, cooking can intimate the entire family in our house. That’s why we build a room called kitchen. If there’s no kitchen, people will always go outside to take some meal. It’s not good for the health and the wallet, I’m sure.

I always want to give the best for my family, so I cook by myself. Yeah, sometimes my husband and I eat in restaurant. But we don’t do it everyday, of course. Because I always try to prepare the meal for us to eat. I know sometimes it’s hard to determine the menu of the day. But, trying to cook is better than give up and buy the breakfast, lunch and dinner outside. Cooking is fun!

Appreciate the process
Cap cay is one of my favorite as long as it doesn’t use sausage, meatball and squid. It consists of some vegetables: carrot, greens, baby corn, string bean, broccoli, and any vegetable you like. The more vegetable, the longer the process you must do. It makes me realize that to get something we have to pass the process. Nothing comes in immediately.

Never give up
Maybe you made some mistake in learning to cook or trying a new recipe. Patient! If you’re patient enough and don’t give up, you’re probably get success for the new recipe, although for that you have to try it dozen times.

Be creative
Cooking is an art. In doing art, you have to explore your creativity. So, in cooking, beside try a new recipe, you also can do some experiment by creating a new recipe or changing a recipe that you always used.

Love your body and discipline
As I’ve said above, homemade food is healthier than the food cooked in restaurant. By cooking by ourselves, we’re demanded to love our body. The ingredients have to be washed first, so do our hands and cooking equipment. We also try to be discipline by cleaning the kitchen whenever it’s been used.

Honestly cooking is not my hobby, but as a housewife I must enjoy this. So, here I am behind the apron and get busy in the kitchen while my husband waits patiently in the dining room. Sometimes he visited me and tried to help me. My husband always wants to cook too although he doesn’t know how to cook. He feels comfort in our kitchen with some ingredients to cook, some equipment to use, and a healthy kitchen to be in.

Always organize your kitchen to stay clean and health. It can even invite people who can’t cook to cook. Healthy food from healthy kitchen, doesn’t it seem nice? [photo from Poskota.co.id]

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