Optimizing Porch

Porch is your front page, make it beautiful as you
Porch is your front page, make it beautiful as you

Porch as a part of the house that connects exterior and interior is sometimes ignored. Whereas, we can do many things here. Such as sitting relax and enjoying the wind, greeting the neighbors who passes by. Or, reading the newspaper while drinking a cup of coffee like I used to do in the afternoon. Porch also can be used as a place to receive a guess formally.

With its function, a porch shall have some furniture. Few things you must notice in creating a comfortable porch are:

  1. Choose simple furniture
    A porch shouldn’t be fully furnitured. It depends on the measure, however. But at least, put two little chairs and one table. Putting too many furniture will make the porch looks narrow. A table can be used as a place to put snack or beverages for the guess. If the porch measure isn’t too wide and you want to show a simple impression, it’s enough to put a long wooden chair with the chair pillow as accessories.
  2. Choose weather resistant furniture
    Because a porch is located outside the house, even if there’s a roof that protects the top part, the furniture has to be put face to the sunlight or raindrops. But this situation can make the furniture easily damaged, even if the furniture is made from a high quality wood. If you love wood, you still can have furniture like this by picking the plastic furniture with wooden texture.
  3. Decorate with Accessories
    If porch is in little measure, you still can decorate it with simple stuffs. For instance by putting the tablecloth, a beautiful vas with the real flowers in it, or a glass jar with the candy in it. On the chair, put the pillow with interesting colors. You can put a display or paint on the porch wall. Last suggestion, put some plants on the floor. You will feel fresh.

A porch is a part of your house where you can have the first contact with the guest or nature. So, don’t ignore it. Decorate your porch and use it as its function.

[Photo from blog.crisparchitects.com]

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