Organizing Small Bathroom

Small bathroom doesn't mean that it's not comfort
Small bathroom doesn’t mean that it’s not comfort

Size shouldn’t block your creativity. For instance, if you have a small bathroom, what will you do? I say, a lot of thing! You can always beautify and decorate your bathroom no matter how narrow it is. You don’t have to renovate it. Just remember how efficient toilet in the trains, LOL.

Having a clean and comfort bathroom can summon your mood whenever you enter it. Here some ideas to organize your little bathroom:

  1. Determine the theme
    A clear theme will facilitate you to find the items for the room. Determining theme can be started by the color. I suggest you not to use the dark color for the wall and floor. The bright colors always make little bathroom looks wide.
  2. Determine the focus
    Because the room is small, it’s impossible to have many stuffs in it. Decide one ornament. For example, one wall side will filled by ceramic or a mirror with a beautiful lamp. A big mirror without frame can be placed on the wall to give a wide effect.
  3. Prepare a basket
    The bathroom will be full of towels and dirty clothes. Prepare the place to put it all. A tidy bathroom will make the room looks more beautiful. Use a beautiful basket suitable with your bathroom theme. The basket also has a function as bathroom decoration.
  4. Choose the right light
    Another way to beautify the bathroom is by choosing the right lighting. A natural lighting will create an ease in the bathroom. Look on the image I choose for illustration, you’ll know what I’m saying.
  5. Place the fragrance
    Add a fragrance in your bathroom. Besides disguise the bad odor and beautifying the room, it also can give a quiet, therapeutic effect for you or whoever inside.

Once your bathroom is well organized, you can have a me-time there. Is that so “home sweet home”?

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