Oriental Interior as Seen on East Asia

Oriental interior
Oriental interior. Image from LittleRockFamilyHousing.com

This is one of interior themes that’s always in and used by most people in the world. It’s not only applied in houses, but also in the offices, or even some commercial space such as hotel, restaurant, or café.

Did you know, the oriental style came from eastern culture that started in China, Japan, Korea, or sometimes Vietnam, Thailand and Persia. Seems like China and Japan emporium’s heyday has given strong influence to us. Their cultures keep growing and develops in society, including in architecture domain. Feng shui and oriental style, for instances.

Japanese style
Japanese style. Image from Albumoo.com

The oriental character can be seen from basic shape of the house. Japanese oriental style usually is simpler than Chinese or Korean. The ornament is more festive with red, black and white combination. The oriental concept also appears in building shape, physically in exterior or interior. It includes the shape of roof, room layout, wall element, entrance, furniture and room ornament.

I think oriental style has been evolved since the original era. Today, it can be easily applied in modern building. In exterior, we can find the application in gate or entrance. While in interior, it appears in furniture or the ornaments.

The oriental style usually uses natural material, such as wood, nature stone, bamboo and paper paint. Another popular element in oriental style interior is China alphabet, which usually written in china calligraphy on a piece of paper on the wall. You can see it also in the coloring: red, gold, black and white. To give stronger accent, don’t forget to use bamboo, religion symbol, ethnic ornament and the paint of dragon.

Chinese style
Chinese style. Image from Aasapela.com

If you maintain it well, the oriental touch can contribute in giving elegant look of your house. Its beauty and simplicity also can lighten the grave look. It always gives unique touch that represents its own character. Oriental house decoration also suits to be applied in contemporary and modern house due to its classical impression.

The oriental look can be shown through the arrangement or floor design, wall decoration, furniture, even curtain and partition. It doesn’t matter how many ornaments you set. You just have to be able in organizing it and it will give the good result. For example in choosing the curtain, make sure you don’t choose the color or material that gives the dramatic look.

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