Overcome Humidity

How humid is your house
How humid is your house

It‘s been a week the rain falls down every day. The weather is cold too and I don’t like this. There’s no problem with the roof. It doesn’t leak at all. But the problem is the humidity. We know that humid air will be a favorite place for fungus to proliferate. It causes some lost:

  1. An increased ambiance inside the house.
  2. The wood furniture will immediately moldy.
  3. Fungus can appear on and damage the photograph, paper and paint, electronic tools.
  4. The wall will look dirty because of fungus.
  5. Cough and allergy are some diseases that may be caused by proliferation of fungus in the humid house.
  6. This humidity harms the wall too.

You know, a house can be humid because of these following causes:

  1. A bad air circulation. It makes the content of water inside the house increase.
  2. A leak in water installation or water exile channel.
  3. A leaky roof. The leaky roof-tile will cause raindrops entering the house and make the humid air.
  4. Many water reservoir in the house, such as pool and bathroom. It can increase the water content in the house.

So, how to overcome this humid house?

Repair the source of humidity

The main thing is to know the cause of humidity. Is there a leaky or bad air circulation? Knowing the certain factors will help you a lot. Then, repair it.

Install an exhaust fan or a fan

Actually, this is for preventing act. An exhaust fan can bring the air from inside to outside. It makes the air circulate better, so the humidity get out the house. Meanwhile, a fan can make the better wind rotation inside the house and decrease water content in the air.

Use commercial water absorbing lime

This lime has a function to absorb the water degree in the air. It has to be changed periodically because the absorbed water will keep inside. When it’s full, the lime cannot absorb the water anymore, so you need a new one.

Utilize dehumidifier

It’s equipment designed to lose humidity. It works by sorting humid weather, then change it into cool weather. So, it produces the better weather.

Many things you may do. The simple things.

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