Playground for kids

Simple playground for kids
Simple playground for kids

As we know, the main activity of kids is playing. Not working. Not even studying. By playing, the kids are stimulated to develop their thought, emotion, social, as well as the motoric system. By playing, kids try to develop their ideas and questions. Keep thinking, keep being active. That’s why parents should provide enough space for this activity. A playground for kids would be a very good idea in your house.

Especially, when you have a little child as me. Not a virtual playground like we have in this blog. But, the real playground for kids! An empty space dedicated as a play area for your children. Or, even for you (why not).

Clean the area. Then, you can put the appropriate stuffs your kids love there. To give you ideas, put a ball, mini house, rubber pool, tent, cocoon, and so forth. Now your playground is ready.

But wait, you can also retouch it further. Plant some special green grass, give some colorful paint on the stuffs, or stand some animal statues. The stuffs you put or install in your playground have to be interesting for your kids. So they would be so comfortable and happy when being there.

Make that playground as wide as possible. So the kids can move freely. Running. Jumping. Swinging. It’s all good for their growth, physically and psychologically.

However, since this is a playground for kids, make sure it’s supersafe. You don’t want them have traumatic experience in this homeyard, do you? So, here’s the things:

The condition of playground

Scan it from any sharp stuff that can hurt someone: broken glasses, nails, sharp corners, etc. Also, ensure there is no plant that has big root that can make the kids fall. Avoid the furry plants because it’s irritable for some kids. If you have the plants in beautiful pots, you’re better keep that away, so you don’t have to buy the new ones after the kids break it by accident.

The stuffs in the playground

In choosing toys, check accurately whether there is a damage part. Notice too if the toys are placed on the right place, on the sand or grass. Avoid the toy with the sharp and rough surface or corner. It’s better if you cover it with foam or rubber. The size of those toys also must be adjusted with the kids’ body. If the toy is too small or big, the children will not feel comfortable in playing it. Yes, you must always renew the toys following their growth.

Creating a fun playground for kids doesn’t need to be costly, after all. The most important is your kids love to play there. That’s the goal of this playground developing.

So, even you can create the stuffs, as long as you know what your kids desire. Don’t think to buy. Think to create it yourself. For example the swaying from a used tire, a slider from wood, and so on. With a little creativity and one day of leisure time, it’s not that hard to establish a playground for your kids.

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