Prepare Your House for A Big Day

Whatever your religion, whatever you believe, someday you will have a big day. It can be a birthday party too. So, what do you do to your house? In this long week-end, maybe many guesses will come up. You need to do something. It doesn’t mean renovation, but, at least you won’t let your house messy. I’ve got some ideas for that, if you want it. Let’s begin with:

Change Sofa Clothes and Curtains

  1. Wash the sofa in special place. The laundry usually has sofa washing facility with take ‘n delivery service. Call them to ask detail.
  2. Wrap the sofa with cover clothe. If you don’t have time to clean it, there is an effective way to makes it look new. Just create a sofa cover cloth. It usually can be done in curtain shop. Choose the right design and give the measure of your sofa.
  3. The same thing you can do with curtain. Your old curtain will seem different after you wash it. But for giving a drastic difference, of course you have to change your old curtain with the new one.

Paint the Wall

  1. It’s better if you make the room empty before the painting. If you have difficulty to do that, at least cover the furniture with clothe or old newspaper.
  2. Start to paint from plafond, wall, door, window, then near the floor. Up part first, then down part, as well as the exterior wall.
  3. After it’s done, rub and clean the floor from the paint drops.


Beautify the Garden

  1. Clean the flower pots from spoil and fertilizer with water and brush.
  2. Use your creativity to repaint the pots with the similar or different color (it is up to you).
  3. You can put the green and fertile plant into the house. It will make your house more gorgeous.

So simple as that. As simple as one-two-three. You can do all those only in a day. Happy long week-end!

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