Put Some Potting Bench in the Garden

Potting bench for practical reason
Potting bench for practical reason

Not like me who lives in the city, my mother lives in the village. She has a big house with a wide yard as a heritage of my late father. Mom always takes care of it by herself. Sometimes, it makes her overwhelmed. She has to return to the house and the yard several times to bring the gardening tool.

Previously, she brought a bag with gardening equipment. It’s practical, until the day my mother got sick in her arms. She couldn’t bring that bag anymore. Sometimes her brother came to help. But he couldn’t be there all the time because he had to work. In brief, my mother mostly has to do gardening, include preparing the tools, alone.

I can’t let her doing that alone. Either, I can’t help Mom because we live in different city. So I searched the tool that can help my mother in gardening. And I found in Amazon, Greenfield Potting Bench. It looks so simple. However, the price is expensive enough. It’s logical. With size 48-Inch long, 19.5-Inch wide and 49-Inch high, this bench is enough to keep the gardening tools.

The top shelf is suitable for small items needed for everyday gardening activity. It’s also made of finest quality of PVC vinyl that contains the highest concentration of titanium dioxide. So, it’s safe from strongest UV sunlight and durable. The trellis will never crack, peel, fade or discolor. To clean this potting bench, you just need to spray it with water from hose and wipe dry. So easy.

When the packet arrived, I brought it to my mother’s house in weekend visit. My hubby and I helped her to install it. It took almost five hours. That is the default of this product. It didn’t instantly stand on the yard. We needed some trial and error following the directions.

But the result is a strong bench. We have no worry about the weather. Mom loves it and I’m so happy to have given this to her. She has no more burden of returning several times to bring the tools.

Greenfield Potting Bench also makes the garden looks nice and tidy. Mom put the cactus on the top shelf. Yes, it isn’t just for putting gardening equipment, but also for placing the pot of plants. As its name: potting bench.

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