Self-provided electricity for your house

It’s always a good idea to generate your own electricity at home. By that, you can cut out your electric bill, or better yet, be independent from electric company in your state. Independent does also mean you are greener, because you actually are reducing the use of fossil-based energy in our beloved planet.

Good combination of solar panels and wind turbines
Good combination of solar panels and wind turbines


So, you know that making your own electricity is not by using generator, which needs fuels. The concept is how to use renewable sources to fulfill your domestic need of electricity. By this mean, a generator is not an option. Though you’ll need it as a backup.

Common alternative energy for electricity: solar, wind, water

Solar panels work in most of the world, because the sunlight is almost everywhere. All you need to do is put the panels facing the sun. Choose the locations that are sunny most of the year and in cloudy conditions.

Solar panels can be built onto their own structure (with house batteries and charge controller beneath) or placed on an existing roof. There are two options: a grid-connected system or a stand-alone power solution.

A stand alone power system is good for sustainability, you will know the source of every watt you use. Meanwhile a grid-connected solution gives you stability and redundancy, and can also provide an opportunity to sell power back to the utility company. If you are grid-connected, but manage your power usage as if you were stand-alone, you can even make money at home from this.

Not sure whether the sun is always there? How about generating electricity from the wind? A wind turbine can sometimes be more efficient than solar panels. You can use a home-brewed wind turbine made from an old car alternator.

Unfortunately, wind power needs VIP place. The turbines must be put very high in the air to avoid any barrier (such as tree or building). There your neighbors might see them as a blot on the landscape. You may be more successful putting the turbines in an empty, wide area. Besides, the turbine, in order to work effectively, needs moderately consistent wind blow.

There is also water stream as an alternative of energy generator. You can find various types of micro-hydro technologies, from a car alternator to fairly robust and intricately engineered systems to a homemade propeller connected. If your house is near the river, like lanting house, this could be a very good choice.

By the way, you can always combine any of solar, wind and water to make sure you’ll get enough power for your home.

What to do if I want to start to produce my own electricity

Buy things up, of course! There are many vendors in the green energy marketplace. Do your research on their products, services, profile, experience, and compare the prices. Find a savvier, trusted friend or family to help you decide. Browse DIY and similar communities on Internet to get suggestions that aren’t coming from someone who wants to sell something.

Don’t forget to investigate incentives. Ask about local, state and federal incentive programs when you are buying. There are many incentives that will subsidize the cost of your installation or give you significant tax deduction for going green.

Learn about maintaining and storing energy. Like anything else, if you don’t take care of the device, it will be broken sooner. Invest in taking care of the device, and it will take care of you.

Backup strategy

Accept this, the sun is not always shining, the wind is not always blowing, and the water is not always flowing. In the meantime, a disaster could come up and ruin your power system. So, you must prepare for the worst. A generator, run by fuels, may be the perfect backup. It would be a first aid when everything goes messy.

Make a good relationship with an alternative energy maintenance professional is also important. So when you get trouble, you can get a hand right away. Next, find out about insurance coverage. Your current homeowner’s policy might not cover this device if a disaster wrecks it.

After all, being green doesn’t mean easier or cheaper. On the contrary, it may dry your pocket and quite stressful in the beginning. But, definitely, we need this to start off.

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